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The Baltic States

The Baltic States are three countries of Northern Europe, with a vibrant history and diverse culture between regions. Although Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are wonderfully tiny and compact, there are three completely distinct cultures to discover – each with their own language, unique personality and markedly different temperaments. And even though you may be more familiar with the glamorously baroque Vilnius, elegantly art-nouveau Riga and marvelously medieval Tallinn, there is a lot more to learn and discover. The three Baltic countries have come a long way in the 30-plus years since they regained independence from the Soviet Union and Today they are proud members of both the European Union and NATO. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania have made inroads within the fintech, cybersecurity, e-health, and digital services sectors and as a destination are very diverse, being equally historical as well as current.


Estonia is often seen as the world’s leading innovator against the backdrop of untouched nature and rich medieval heritage. Estonia offers an exciting mix for culture lovers, outgoing outdoor types and foodies. But the story goes deeper, and it might just be that Estonia with its diverse background and Nordic temperament ends up being your favourite holiday destination. Visit Estonia – it´s about time. Here’s why…

Bog lake by Robert Vaino


Latvia’s charming small towns and countryside contrast nicely with the vibrancy of its capital city Riga, a true metropolis. It has become a real hidden gem for travelers who strive to look past Europe’s larger and more well-visited countries in search of lesser-known beauty and historical charm. Here’s why…


Combining cultures of east and west, Lithuania is a fascinating destination for every traveller. The capital of Vilnius holds a wealth of architectural styles in its churches and towers, fortifications, and secluded medieval courtyards. Lithuania is a perfect destination for anyone looking for a peaceful and inspiring getaway. Here’s why…

Photo credits: bog lake by Robert Vaino | Riga panorama | The Curonian Spit, dunes and purple sky by Andrius Aleksandravicius