The 13th Youth Song and Dance Festival of Estonia will be held in 2023

13th December 2022

Estonia’s Song Festival, first held in 1869, takes place every five years and encompasses the values that Estonians consider important as a nation – love for their country, language, culture and customs. The festival is of such national significance it is listed by UNESCO as an intangible heritage tradition. The 150th jubilee celebration in 2019 saw almost 70,000 Estonians gather at the Song Festival Grounds in Tallinn to listen to 35,000 singers from 1,020 choirs. Towns and cities across the country have their own smaller festival grounds for performances in between these years.

The 13th Youth Song Celebration will take place on 2 July 2023 at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds. Performers will include young children’s choirs, children’s choirs, boys’ choirs, mixed choirs, girls’ choirs, male youth choirs, wind orchestras and symphony orchestras and ends with performances by the combined choir. The concert is preceded by the ceremonial procession of the participants through the centre of Tallinn along a 5km route.

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