16 Minutes from Tallinn Airport: shopping experience in New Balti Jaam Market

In spring earlier this year, Balti Station Market was once again opened in the central train station in Tallinn. Although the new market is situated on the exact location of the former marketplace loved by both locals and tourists for its peculiar Soviet vintage air, the concept has been thoroughly renewed and a new and innovative market building constructed.

While the old market was kind of a memorial to the Soviet era, the new market is a highly modern construction with no match for it in any of the Baltic countries. Visitors can do all their shopping in one place starting from fresh food to unique antique items. There is also an attractive street food area including, for instance, exotic baos, kebab, sushi, genuine shashlik and of course hand-made burgers.

“Our aim was to build a marketplace where every visitor could feel that it was built exactly for him and where they could spend more time. So far, the feedback has been highly positive and primarily the unique architecture and wide selection have been acknowledged,” said Tarmo Kleimann, board member of Astri Kinnisvara.

The market is particularly focussed on local food – there is a meat hall of 1000 square meters and a fish hall of 400 square meters primarily for local traders. There is also a vegetable street between the historic limestone buildings lined with stalls of fresh fruit and vegetable. Similarly, there is a brewery, antique and handicraft area. The prices are reasonable as the competition is tough enough to set the price level, and price comparisons so far have proven that it is one of the least expensive markets in Tallinn also after significant renovations.

The new Balti Station Market is located right next to the main train station in Tallinn, only a few steps from Tallinn Old Town, Telliskivi Creative City and the hipster district Kalamaja. All that has allowed the surroundings to become one of the most quickly developing districts in Tallinn. The only proper accommodation near Balti train station is still provided by Go Hotel Shnelli of GO Group, for further information on prices and other travel information, please contact incoming@gotravel.ee.